EGA Factory

Project Name: Redesigning EGA Factory Headquarters
Year: 2023
Site : Industrial Zone, Giza, Egypt.

Project Description :
ACD is undertaking a comprehensive project to redesign the exterior and interior of the headquarters for EGA, a prominent factory. The primary objective of this initiative was to transform the existing facility into a modern and aesthetically appealing space that aligns with EGA’s vision and values. Additionally, the project encompasses rebranding efforts to revitalize the factory’s image in line with ACD’s expertise in design and innovation.
The project involves a meticulous assessment of the current headquarters, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a strategic plan for the redesign. ACD’s team of experienced architects and designers collaborated closely with EGA’s management to create a fresh and functional space that enhances productivity and employee well-being.

The exterior redesign focuses on incorporating contemporary architectural elements, optimizing space utilization, and integrating sustainable solutions. Simultaneously, the interior will undergo a comprehensive overhaul, integrating modern design concepts, ergonomic workspaces, and advanced technological infrastructure. Rebranding efforts will include refreshing EGA’s logo, typography, and overall visual identity to reflect its position as an industry leader. ACD developed a cohesive brand strategy that encompasses EGA’s color palette, updated marketing collateral, and a visually striking digital presence. Throughout the project, ACD prioritized seamless communication, adherence to timelines, and cost-effective solutions. The goal was to create a revitalized EGA factory headquarters that not only showcases ACD’s design expertise but also elevates the brand and creates a dynamic and inspiring environment for EGA employees and visitors alike.